Past activities

Past activities

Madrid Otra Mirada 2022 (MOM-2022)

"Madrid Otra Mirada" will be held this year 2022 on October 21,22 and 23 and the Fundación Manuel Benedito participates in this event as it has been doing for years. On October 21 throughout the day there will be free guided tours of the Foundation where you can enjoy the workshop and the artist's works exhibited. Registration begins on October 5 at 12:00 noon on the platform (click here). Download the MOM 2022 brochure here.
Past activities

Madrid Otra Mirada 2021 (MOM-2021)

The Manuel Benedito Foundation welcomes you after the long summer season. We have been making improvements in the Foundation's facilities during the month of September so that everything will be ready for the beginning of #autumn. We also want to announce our participation in the next Madrid Otra Mirada #2021 organized by the Madrid City Council on October 15th. Registrations for the visits will be made on the Madrid City Hall website and will start on October 5th at 10.00am. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Past activities

Madrid Otra Mirada 2020 (MOM-2020)

This year the Manuel Benedito Foundation has joined the more than 180 institutions that open their doors for the celebration of the Heritage Festival, whose theme this year was "The Madrid of Galdós". On the occasion of this event we have conducted guided tours in small groups, adapting to the Covid-19 regulations, where they have been shown the workshop and what was the Madrid context of it.
Past activities

International Museum Day 2020 (IMD-2020)

This year the foundation celebrated International Museum Day 2020 (May 18) with the slogan "Museums for Equality: diversity and inclusion" through digital media as indicated by ICOM. Therefore, our volunteers shared with our Instagram followers what their collaboration in the museum meant to them and which is their favorite piece of artwork.
Past activities

Madrid Otra Mirada 2019 (MOM-2019)

We have celebrated the Heritage Festival in Madrid for the second consecutive year with a combined activity between the Sorolla Museum and us entitled "Artist's workshops: Sorolla/Manuel Benedito. Master and disciple" in which we have made a tour of the two institutions showing the workshops of the artists of the time.
Past activities

Madrid Otra Mirada 2018 (MOM-2018)

For the first year, the Manuel Benedito Foundation has joined Madrid Otra Mirada (MOM), organized by the City Hall of Madrid and, together with the Sorolla Museum, a tour has been set up between the two institutions to show the workshop of the master and his disciple.