Loans to other institutions

Loans to other institutions

View of Rome from the terrace of the Accademia

The painting "View of Rome from the terrace of the Accademia". Rome, 1903 (Oil on canvas.71 x 140 cm.) has been loaned to the Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia San Pío V to take part in the exhibition " The mark of Rome. 150 years of the Spanish Academy in Rome" which will take place from 16 November 2023 to 11 February 2024.
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Gitana, Velas al sol and Antoñita

The paintings Gitana (O/L 1909. 130 x 178 cm) Velas al sol (O/L. 1909. 50,5 x 68 cm) and Antoñita (O/L. 1920. 100 x 70 cm) have been loaned to Valencia City Council, to the City Museum, for the exhibition "La Ciudad de los Artistas. Joaquín Sorolla y el Palacio de las Artes e Industrias de Valencia" which will be open to the public from 1 May to 31 December 2023.
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Old Man’s Head

On May 12 the exhibition 'La Nau dels bojos. Una odissea de la desraò' opened in the Cloister of the Centre Cultural La Nau of the University of Valencia, in which the Manuel Benedito Foundation participates with the loan of " Old Man's Head". 1893. Oil on canvas. 47 x 41 cm., and can be seen until October 23, 2022.
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National Museum of Natural Sciences 

On October 3, the temporary exhibition "Recreated Nature" was inaugurated at the National Museum of Natural Sciences. The taxidermic work of the Benedito brothers in which the Manuel Benedito Foundation collaborates with the loan of five works: "My father in his workshop" (1894), "El Pardo" (1910), "Red Ducks" (1944), "Pheasants" (1961) and "Self-portrait" (1936). It will be on view until March 14, 2020.
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Portrait of Rafael Benedito

The portrait of "Rafael Benedito" (1918) is currently on loan to the Institución Libre de Enseñanza/Fundación Giner de los Ríos for the exhibition " The New Education. On the centenary of the Institute - School" (September 2019-April 2020).
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La Gitana

"La Gitana"(1909) is currently on loan to the Museum Carmen Thyssen Málaga for the exhibition "Perversity. Femmes fatales in modern art 1880-1950" . from 30 March to 8 September 2019".